World Languages

In accordance with Sycamore Community School District 427’s Mission Statement, “We believe that there must be a unity among the individual, the school, and the community in order to meet the needs and challenges of a changing global society.” The study of a foreign language, as well as other cultures, will enhance and prepare individuals to be contributing global citizens and responsible members of pluralistic American society.

We provide challenging academic opportunities for the study of foreign language, extra curricular opportunities, foreign travel, and field trips. We encourage respect for other cultures and for our own. Foreign travel provides opportunities for Sycamore students to interact with students and citizens of other countries and experience different cultures first-hand.

Language learning is cooperative in nature as it requires that students communicate with each other daily. There is an obvious need to continue growth and refinement of language skills; to proceed from elementary to advanced, from non-fluency to fluency, from cultural ignorance to cultural awareness and sensitivity.

The organizing principle for Sycamore High School’s foreign language curriculum is communication, i.e. the ability to communicate in meaningful and appropriate ways with speakers of other languages. Instruction is proficiency-based s students learn to communicate spontaneously in the target language in unpredictable situations.


Señor Bainbridge
Department Chair

Señor Doty

Señora Flauter

Señora Leon

Madame Reaves
WL Dept SHS- French