Welcome to the 2020-21 school year

Please take a moment to watch our welcome to the new school year video for answers to many of your questions about what school will look like and how to log into your Canvas accounts. Students can access their Canvas account from the “Canvas” button at the top of our website. By Monday, August 31, 2020, student’s dashboard will include all of their courses.

Please keep in mind, attendance is recorded each hour. Students are expected to log into their Canvas course and complete the attendance expectations of their teacher every hour each day. Our daily schedule will be as follows:

4th Hour Lunch6th Hour Lunch8th Hour Lunch
7:00 – 7:38 AMZero HourZero HourZero Hour
7:45 – 8:23 AM1st Hour1st Hour1st Hour
8:31 – 9:08 AM2nd Hour2nd Hour2nd Hour
9:16 – 9:54 AM3rd Hour3rd Hour3rd Hour
10:02 – 10:40 AM5th/6th Hour4th/5th Hour4th/5th Hour
10:48 – 11:26 AM7th/8th hour7th/8th Hour6th/7th Hour
11:34 AM – 12:12 PM9th Hour9th Hour9th Hour
12:20 – 12:58 PM10th Hour10th Hour10th Hour

Finally, students will notice when they log into Canvas that there is a student homepage. They will see there is a module posted there in the highlighted section that all students must complete by 9pm Monday–this will help ensure you have the necessary skills to navigate Canvas.

The following expectations are important for each student’s success during remote learning


  • Mentally and physically prepare for school:
    • Get a good night’s sleep
    • Get out of bed and prepare like you were physically going to school
    • Dress appropriately for school; handbook rules still apply
      Eat breakfast so you have the energy to engage in your learning activities
    • Attendance is taken and recorded this year–please log in to each class daily and complete the instructions for attendance from your teacher
  • Device is charged and all materials for class are out:
    • Your device allows you to connect with your teacher and classmates; it must be charged
    • Charging overnight means you will be ready for the next day
    • Having all of your course materials ready allows you to fully participate the entire time
    • Log into your device a few minutes early so you can adjust camera, microphone, and other settings
  • Find a quiet space that will allow you to engage:
    • Having your own space allows you to stay focused on your learning
    • Limiting outside distractions will help you stay focused
    • Keep your background free of distractions or inappropriate items so others can fully engage in their learning
  • Silence your phone and other distractions:
    • Just as in school, your phone should not be in use while you are engaged in learning
    • Other devices such as your tv or gaming systems should also be off and not in use while learning
    • You may want to consider selecting a place to learn that is free of distractions like this, even if they are off


  • Practice proper online meeting etiquette:
    • Sign into your Canvas course a few minutes early so you can read any important directions and make sure you are prepared when class begins
    • Keep yourself muted when you are not talking unless your teacher asks you to do otherwise
    • Keep your camera on and focused on you while engaged in learning
  • Check your surroundings for distractions:
    • Loud noises, construction, siblings, pets, etc. can distract you from learning but can also make it difficult for others to hear you
    • Limit guest appearances by siblings or your pets; at times this will be unavoidable but remember you are in a virtual classroom so please treat it that way
  • Stay visible and pay attention:
    • Make sure your face is in the frame of your webcam
    • It may be tempting to check email, other websites, etc., but don’t do it! Remain engaged so you don’t miss out on key information and learning opportunities
  • Be kind, courteous, and respectful of others:
    • Just like in the classroom, all school rules apply. If you wouldn’t do it in class, you shouldn’t do it online
    • Every student has the right to learn and to have their voice heard. All should feel comfortable sharing ideas and asking questions
    • Be mindful of others’ thoughts and opinions even if they are different from your own


  • Leave your virtual space and promptly enter your next setting:
    • Save any work, log out of tabs that were open for that class, exit any Google Meets, and clear your virtual space for your next course
  • Take a mental break before your next class meets:
    • 8 minute virtual passing periods have been built into your schedule
    • Use these breaks to get up and stretch, move around, give your eyes a rest, and take care of any needs you may have before your next class
  • Review your notes and email your teachers with questions:
    • Review the learning activities you completed to be sure you understand what is expected of you
    • Contact your teachers to set up virtual help sessions during their office hours if needed
    • Use the time at the end of the day (1-3) to complete homework, virtually work with peers, or virtually contact your teachers
  • Keep track of your assignments and be sure to turn them in on time.
    • The Canvas Calendar feature is your friend; review it for assignment due dates and other important information your teachers may have shared
    • Continue using organization practices that have helped you–keep an assignment notebook, for example
    • Make sure you are submitting your assignments on time and in the manner your teacher has asked you to

We are excited to welcome you back and can’t wait to start meeting with you virtually next week!