Weekly Messenger: August 21

Upcoming Events

  • August 21 – Fire and Tornado Drill
  • August 23 – Enrichment Speaker
  • August 23 – Back to School Night


Back to School Night
SHS Back to School Night will be this Thursday, August 23. Families will need to bring a copy of their student’s schedule or download the Infinite Campus app to view on their phone.

Back-to-School Night Schedule – Please go directly to your student’s first class.

  • “0” hour – 7:00-7:07
  • 1st hour – 7:12-7:19
  • 2nd hour – 7:24-7:31
  • Stretch will not be meeting
  • 3rd hour – 7:36-7:43
  • Lunches will not be meeting
  • 4/5 or 5/6 hour – 7:48-7:55
  • 6/7 or 7/8 hour – 8:00-8:07
  • 9th hour – 8:12-8:19
  • 10th hour – 8:24-8:31

Study halls, KEC, online, and TA’s will not meet. Social Workers, Counselors, Nurse, and Technology will be available in the cafeteria. The Library and Art Gallery will be open.

All Physical Education classes will meet in the Gymnasium except Dance and Mind and Body Fitness who will meet in the Dance Studio(T 154) and Weight Training will meet in the Weight Room. The Weight Room can be accessed by going up the stairs in the Gymnasium.

  • Any 100 level classrooms are on the 1st floor.
    • P(Purple), R(Red), T(Teal), Y(Yellow)
  • Any 200 level classrooms are on the 2nd floor.
    • B(Blue), G(Green)

Maps will be provided.

Fire and Tornado Drill
We will be having a fire drill and a tornado drill during Spartan Stretch on Tuesday, August 21. The fire drill will be rescheduled if there is inclement weather.

SENIORS – Early Graduation
Any senior who is planning to graduate early, should touch base with their school counselor immediately. Paperwork to apply for early graduation must be handed in by September 4 – the day after Labor Day.

Spartan Minute
We are also excited to be rolling out, The Spartan Minute, a daily TV show created by our very own TV Production students! The Spartan Minute is a news and announcement show that updates every day. Students and staff will be able to view the show on Twitter, YouTube, Instagram TV, and on the Digital Signage Monitors throughout the building. The show will air twice a day on the monitors in the hallways, once between stretch and 3rd hour and between 9th and 10th hour. This show is targeted directly to our students and distributed on the channels students use every day! You can check out the Spartan Minute by following us on Twitter (twitter.com/sycamorehs), Instagram (@sycamorehs) and YouTube.

Student and Staff of the Week – NEW!
Each week we will be selecting a random student to ask them who their “Staff Member of the Week” is and we will be randomly asking staff members who their “Student of the Week” is. To see who is selected each week make sure to follow us on Twitter @sycamorehs.

The week of August 13 our Student of the Week was Ben Teran and our Staff Member of the Week was Barb White.

Enrichment Speaker
Our Enrichment Speaker on Thursday, August 23 will be Julie Hallaron from Sycamore Library. The enrichment speakers begin at 8:00 AM in the Auditorium.

Dress Code
With the warm weather please remember the Sycamore High School Dress Code. If you have any questions please contact the Main Office, (815) 899-8160.

I want to make parents and guardians aware of a growing concern we have seen at Sycamore High School, vaping. I have included a hyperlink from a high school in Massachusetts that covers all the background information on this growing trend with high school students.

Special Update: Vaping

This trend seems to transcend all groups. I wanted to make sure that all parents and students understand that vaping is banned from school. If a student is caught vaping or in possession of a vape, they will be disciplined and referred to the police. Please take the time to read the information linked to this message and have a conversation with your child about the health concerns associated with vaping.

Sycamore High School Tutoring
Tutoring is available to SHS students on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, from 3:30 to 4:30 PM.