Weekly Messenger 9/21/20

Seniors- Reminder to submit your Senior forms via Google

October 1- FAFSA Opens

October 14 – Senior SAT

October 14 Freshmen, Sophomore and Juniors Learning will be asynchronous

October 24 – PSAT Testing



Please continue to call our attendance line, 815/899-8130 to report an absence if your son/daughter is unable to attend any class virtually.

Students should be signed into their class during their scheduled time or they will be marked absent.

A google form was sent out to all seniors from the High  School Counseling Office on September 14.  Once  these forms are submitted by the student, the counselors will schedule a meeting with the senior to review high school requirements and post-graduation plans.  Please submit the completed forms as soon as possible. 

FAFSA for College
Reminder that all seniors must complete the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid) as a graduation requirement.  The FAFSA application opens on October 1st for students attending college in the fall of 2021.  In order to prepare for this application, students and parents should each create their own FSA ID at this link: Create a FSA ID.  It takes 1-3 days for your FSA ID to be processed, so you can start that process now.  Then, fill out your FAFSA as soon as possible after October 1st (not before). The school counseling office will have virtual help sessions on October 22 and December 1, however students can reach out to their counselor at any point for help! 

IACAC Virtual College and Career Exploration Opportunity
Sign-up now for the Virtual College and Career Exploration event for ALL Illinois high school students!  The event will be held from September 14 to October 22. To view the schedule and to register click on the link below:

Virtual College and Career Exploration

More than 375 FREE 45 minute virtual (Zoom) sessions from which to choose: local, national, and international colleges and universities, skilled trades, military branches, career exploration, financial aid & scholarship organizations, non-college training programs and more! Attend as many sessions as you want. 

Military Opt Out – Deadline is October 9
State and federal law require school districts to release names, addresses and telephone numbers of high school students to military recruiters unless parents or students have advised the District that they do not want the District to disclose such information without their prior written consent.

If you do not want the District to release demographic information to military recruiters or other individuals, you must notify Mr. Tim Carlson at Sycamore High School via email, tcarlson@syc427.org, and should specify the student’s name and ID number, and list the types of information that should not be released.The deadline is Friday October 9 to opt out.

SAT Testing for Class of 2021
On October 14, 2020, all seniors will automatically be registered for this assessment.  Under state law, each student must take the SAT prior to receiving a diploma and this requirement has NOT been waived.  Students will be assigned a room with 10 or fewer students.  Arrival time for Seniors is 7:45 am.  We will begin bubbling at 8:10am.  Masks must be worn at all times.  Students should bring a #2 pencil(s), a calculator, and ID.  

If any senior needs transportation on October 14, 2020, please email Steve Balster sbalster@syc427.org by October 7, 2020.

Asynchronous Learning day
On October 14, 2020, Freshman – Juniors will be learning asynchronous, not live, due to the staff proctoring the SAT.  

PSAT Testing
On October 29, 2020, we will be sponsoring the PSAT/NMSQT.  This test is a pre SAT for Juniors who can qualify for National Merit Awards.  Freshman through Juniors can sign up and pay for the test but only Juniors are qualifiers for National Merit Awards.  

Please go to our webstore to sign up and pay $20.  Transportation will not be available for this optional assessment. Students will be excused from classes.

In the Spring of 2021 SHS will administer the PSAT9 to Freshmen, the PSAT10 to Sophomores, and the SAT to Juniors. These tests are state mandated and students will be automatically enrolled and there is no fee.  More information will be available as the date gets closer.  

Tech Help FAQ
Please view the link for some Technology questions and solutions. 

Tech Help FAQ

Tip – Make sure students are hitting the submit button to turn in assignments.