Weekly Messenger 8/31/2020

Upcoming Events

  • Daily Schedules
  •  Report Absences
  • Troubleshooting Chromebooks


Daily Student Schedule
Your students assigned lunch hour will determine which schedule they will follow. This is for scheduling purposes only, students will have their actual lunch at the end of the school day.

If your student has 4th hour lunch, they will follow the 4th hour lunch schedule. If they have 6th hour lunch, they will follow the 6th hour lunch schedule. If they have 8th hour lunch, they will follow 8th hour lunch schedule.

Student Communication
Please have your son/daughter check their school email daily for information.

Report an Absence
If your son/daughter is sick or can’t take part in remote learning, please call our Attendance office at
815-899-8130 to report their absence. Attendance is taken daily.

Troubleshooting Your Chromebook

Chromebook will not power on

Operating System Fails

Webpages won’t load

Rebooting Chromebook

Chromebook Repair

Chromebook will not power on:

  1. Make sure the charging cord is placed on the right side of the Chromebook for charging.
  2. Make sure the outlet you are using is working properly.
  3. Make sure the cord is plugged in tightly to the charger block.

If 1, 2 and don’t work: Please contact Mrs.Peek at the SHS Tech Department (see link below).      

Operating System Fails:

Please contact Mrs. Peek at the SHS Tech Department (see link below). 

Webpages won’t load:

Click on the three dots in the upper right hand corner of the screen. Click on History      

Click on history again, 

click on Clear Browsing Data on the right side. 

Set Time Range to: All Time

Check the boxes for Browsing History and the box for Cookies and other site Data 

Click on Clear Data 

Once done try to reload your page.

Rebooting Chromebook:

  1. A lot of issues can be resolved by just shutting your Chromebook off and restarting it. 
  2. Please remember to not over charge your Chromebook. When your battery is charged, remove the Chromebook from the charger. 

Chromebook Repair:

Please contact Mrs. Peek at the SHS Tech Department  jpeek@syc427.org for any repair needs. A loaner will be given to you while your Chromebook is being repaired.

Material Pick-up
Any student who missed material pick-up last week can come to the high school to get their items.  Please enter through the Main Entrance and all visitors must wear a mask. 

Spartan Food Pantry 
The Spartan Food Pantry will be open on Wednesday, September 2nd, from 4:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. at West Elementary School.  Please pull up to door W1 for curbside pickup.