Weekly Messenger 5/11/2020


Information regarding return of Chromebooks, and textbooks, as well as pick up of items in lockers will be coming soon.  

Typically, high school students will keep their present Chromebook during their entire time at Sycamore High School but we had planned to have you turn them in over the summer.  Under the current circumstances, we have decided the best plan of action for grades 9-11 would be to allow you to keep the Chromebook in your possession over the summer.  In order for this plan to be successful, we will need you to follow some guidelines.

  • The Chromebook and charger should be stored in a location that is both secure and safe.  Do not stack items on top of the Chromebook.
  • If you don’t plan on using your Chromebook for a long period of time, here is a suggestion from Google on how to preserve your battery life.  https://support.google.com/chrome/a/answer/9139543?hl=en 
  • If the device becomes inoperable or broken, contact helpdesk@syc427.org to facilitate getting the device repaired.
  • Immediately contact the police and helpdesk@syc427.org if the Chromebook is stolen.
  • If you haven’t used your Chromebook over the summer, we will send a reminder to check your Chromebook on July 15.  This will assist us in getting your Chromebook fixed prior to the start of school, if necessary.
  • The Chromebook will need to be brought to classes in working condition on the first day we return to school. Please make sure your Chromebook is charged as well.
  • The Chromebook remains district property. Please remember that no stickers, decorations or alterations of any kind will be allowed. 
  • As always, the case should never be removed from the Chromebook.
  • The Chromebook remains district property.  If you leave the district, the device and charger will need to be returned.  Please contact helpdesk@syc427.org to arrive a time to drop off the Chromebook and charger.  Records will not be transferred to another district until they are returned.

Parents and students should be aware that a student’s grade can fluctuate between the grade the student had on March 13, 2020 and a higher overall grade. Although these guidelines allow for a student’s grade to fluctuate, their overall grade cannot go lower than what the grade was on March 13, 2020.  For example, a student who had a 72% on March 13 takes an assessment that raises their overall grade to 80%. This student might take another assessment that moves their grade below 80%, but the student’s grade can never move lower than the 72% they had on March 13, 2020.

There will be NO FINAL EXAMS given this semester.  Your final score will be based upon your overall grade. 

Summer School Registration 
Registration for Summer School is still open. Please note that all summer school classes will be done via Remote Learning.  Students who would like to take a summer school course can complete an application online (see below).

Government and Speech are now closed. Names can be added to a wait list. Application and payment are required. A refund will be issued if a space is not available. 

Please scan your application to KWolf@syc427.org.  The cost is $250 for Drivers Education, or $200.00 for Speech, Government and Consumer Economics and can be paid through the webstore only. Payment is due at the time of application. All fees must be paid prior to enrolling in  summer school. 

We will be unable to do actual behind the wheel driving. Any questions regarding this should be sent to Steve Balster at sbalster@syc427.org

2020 Summer School Information

Summer School Application

Virtual Prom
The 2020 Casino Royale prom court will be announced tonight at 6pm, via the Sycamore School District 427’s Facebook page, be sure to tune in. 

The Prom King and Queen will be announced Saturday, May 16.  

As part of the online celebration, students can submit photos of themselves in their prom attire. We ask that any student’s interested in participating to please submit their photos by Wednesday, May 13 2020. Students must be logged into their SYC427 accounts to access this form.

Submit Photos

Sycamore Food Pantry
Sycamore Food pantry, located at West Elementary school will be open May 13 form 4:30-6p

Engagement Notification
Sycamore High School will begin notifying parents and students if a student has not engaged in a class since March 16, 2020, or have not engaged in a class, in which they have previously engaged in, during a 48 hour period. Our goal is to keep students connected to the school during this time. You may receive an email, text, or phone call indicating a lack of engagement by your student. This will be in addition to any contact teachers may have made with you. Upon receipt of this communication, you should log in to your Campus Portal and review your child’s classes (in the details section) and look for where the student has “I” incompletes listed. These are the classes they have been disengaged in during this new reality of remote learning. The process will begin this Thursday, April 23. We ask that you please ask your students to re-engage with their class.

Please continue to focus on learning and education, but also take some time to focus on you and your family

Google Classroom  
Parents, please encourage your student to join the School Counseling Google Classroom using classroom code: aem3frg.  We want ALL our students in this class!  We have already put a lot of important information in the class and this is the best way for you to get announcements that we want to send out to SHS students.  We will use this as a platform to provide students scholarship updates and information for seniors, Naviance tutorials (videos) for all students, general announcements for all grade levels, self-care ideas during our time away from school due to COVID-19, and other activities.