Weekly Messenger 1/21/2020

Upcoming Events

February 1 – ZAPS ACT Test Prep Course
                    (see information below)
February 8 – ACT National Test Day 



Illinois 5Essential Survey
Our school district is currently participating in the Illinois 5Essentials Survey. This survey is designed to generate a detailed picture of the inner workings of our school. As a parent/guardian, this opportunity will allow you to share your thoughts on the important elements of school effectiveness in a survey about your child’s school.

Your participation in the parent portion of the survey will help us understand the conditions at our school and guide improvement. Your identity and survey responses will be kept completely confidential and will never be connected to you or your student. 

The Illinois 5Essentials Parent Survey is open through February 14, 2020. To take the survey please click on the link below. 

5Essential Parent Survey

For more information about the Illinois 5Essentials Survey, or to view previous years’ Reports, please visit https://www.5-essentials.org/illinois. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact 5Essentials Client Services at 1-866-440-1874 or 5essentials@uchicago.edu.

ZAPS ACT and SAT Test Prep
Sycamore High School encourages Juniors and Seniors who want to improve their ACT/SAT scores to take an ACT or SAT test prep course.  We are working with a Sycamore High School alumni, at Doorway to College, to provide our students with the opportunity to participate in high-quality test-preparation classes for both the ACT and SAT.  Doorway to College will be offering an ACT Prep Seminar on Saturday, February 1, 2020 and an SAT Prep Seminar on Saturday, April 4, 2020 in the Auditorium of Sycamore High School.  The cost is $85 per class and you can register at www.doorwaytocollege.com To receive 10% off all digital products enter coupon code: doorway2college.  

Illinois Youth Survey
The 2020 Illinois Youth Survey will be administered to Sophomores on Monday, January 27 and to Seniors on Wednesday, January 29 during Spartan Stretch.  If you wish to opt out your student please email Beth Helton at ehelton@syc427.org.  

NIU College of Engineering Open House
The College of Engineering at NIU is hosting an Open House for prospective students on Saturday, February 29, 2020 from 8:45m-4pm.

The Dean and faculty will be discussing programs, there will be tours available of the 40 labs within the College of Engineering along with demonstrations including the wind tunnel, 3D printing and separate tours of the clean rooms.  NIU students representing the award winning SuperMileage, Baja and Robotics competition teams will be on hand to answer questions as well.

NIU Advisors will be available for course questions and Admissions will be on hand to answer university questions as well as to provide campus tours.

Sycamore High School Tutoring
Tutoring is available after school in the Library every Tuesday and Thursdays from 3:20pm-4:20pm.   Tutoring is available on Sunday from 7pm-9pm. Pizza is served on Sunday nights.

SHS Athletic
For information for the upcoming Athletic events please visit 8to18.