General Information

School Day

Students are not allowed in the building before 7:45 a.m. on a normal school day unless they are enrolled in zero hour or are under the direct supervision of a staff member. Students must exit the building by 3:25 p.m., unless they are participating in an organized school-sponsored activity or meeting with a teacher.

Activity Pass

The activity pass will cover all regular-season home athletic events, plays, one ticket to one show for Orchesis, and musicals. It does not apply to specific school-sponsored and IHSA-sponsored tournaments and events. The activity pass fee will be approved annually by the Board of Education.

Assignment Notebooks

As part of our effort to promote study skills as a vehicle for student success, Sycamore High School will provide assignment notebooks for all students. At the high school level, it is our position that students must take on more ownership with their learning and homework responsibilities. Cell phones can also be used to assist with organization with teacher approval.

The assignment notebook also contains the High School Handbook. It is the responsibility of each student to read and understand the Sycamore High School Handbook. Replacement Handbooks can be purchased for $5.

Bulletin Boards, Signs, Posters

Bulletin boards and tack strips are for the purpose of displaying school information to all students. The passing or posting of bills, signs, or posters is not permitted in the building or on the school grounds at any time without an administrator’s stamp of approval. It is the responsibility of each group to take down all information after a posted event.


The cafeteria is maintained as a vital part of the school’s health program. A well-balanced breakfast and lunch are offered at a reasonable price set by the vendor contracted by the Sycamore School District. See table below

Free Status$0.00$0.00
Full Pay Status$1.50$2.70

Money can be deposited into a student’s meal account before school in the cafeteria. Parents may also deposit funds to their student’s account via credit card on the school website. Students are required to show their valid I.D. card when purchasing lunch. If students lose their I.D., a new one can be purchased for $2 in the Attendance Office. Free or reduced breakfasts and lunches are available to families who qualify. Forms for this program are distributed during registration and are also available in the Main Office.

Students are required to:

  • Deposit all lunch litter in wastebaskets.
  • Leave the table and the floor in a clean condition.
  • Refrain from taking food or beverages into the hallways or classrooms.
  • Abstain from horseplay and/or throwing of objects, including food.
    Violations of cafeteria policy may result in loss of cafeteria privileges (AEP Lunch) or other disciplinary consequences.

Students with lunch balances that are negative by more than $5.00 will not be able to purchase any food or drink items until the lunch account is brought back into the positive. Parents may go onto MySchoolBucks from the District’s Webstore and set up their student’s lunch account. Parents then have the option to choose a low-threshold amount in which an email will be sent once their student’s lunch balance reaches that amount.

Parents have the ability to go online on Sycamore School District’s website, and apply for the Free/Reduced Lunch Program. Those steps are listed below:

  • Click on the “Parents” tab on the home page and select “Lunch Information”. The results are immediate, and the parents can see their eligibility status.
  • The form has to be printed and brought into the secretary of their student’s home school building.
  • Also provided for parents on the same page of the website is a “Fee Waiver” form for those who qualify for “Free” meals. This form is to be completed and turned in with their application results at the same time.

Computer Lab

Students may obtain a pass from a classroom teacher to go to the computer lab during their study hall period. Students must sign in to indicate that they are in attendance. While using the computer lab, students are required to:

  • Respect lab equipment (computers, monitors printers chairs, tables, etc.).
  • Respect other students and the lab staff.
  • Refrain from bringing any food or drink into the lab.
  •  Request permission before leaving the lab.
  • Use the computers in an authorized manner.

Violations of computer lab policy may result in loss of lab privileges or other disciplinary consequences.

Electronic Devices

Students have the privilege to use student-owned cell phones, iPods, tablets, laptop computers, electronic readers, and any other electronic devices while on school property. School property includes the school building, parking lots and grounds, and school-owned vehicles. Usage of these devices is allowed in classrooms at the discretion of the teacher. This usage is a privilege, and these privileges can be revoked if the teacher/administrator deems it necessary. If its usage distracts from the educational environment, school staff may confiscate an electronic device. If the school provides access to their WiFi, all school rules apply to transmission and usage of all devices, including personal.

Fees, Fee Waivers, Fines

Student fees are required of all students. Fees for workbooks, magazines, paper, paperbacks, and other similar items that are required by teachers are class specific and will be in addition to the normal student fees. There may be additional fees assessed for lab and/or supplemental materials. All fees are approved yearly by the Board of Education.

Fee Guidelines

  • Per Public Act 86-195 and IL School Code 10-20.13, the Sycamore School District will waive all fees assessed by the district on children whose parents are unable to afford them, including, but not limited to, children eligible for free lunch or breakfast under the “Community School Lunch Program” and extenuating circumstances, such as very significant loss of income due to severe illness or injury in the family; unusual expenses as fire, flood, or storm damage; or similar emergency situations that the district determines should be included in this policy.
  • Driver Education fees are required at the time of registration.
  • A combination padlock is needed for physical education class.
  • An activity ticket is optional. Students purchasing activity tickets should pay for them at the time other fees are paid.
  • Athletic fees are required for all athletes.
  • Parking permits are required for all senior, juniors, and eligible sophomores who choose to park on campus or in designated parking areas.

Fines will be determined by teachers at the end of either the semester or the year. Students may be fined for excessive damage or wear of textbooks, lost textbooks, damaged or lost uniforms, and other similar items. For lost textbooks and other items, the full replacement cost will be required of the student. In the case of unpaid fines/fees, student privileges, including parking on campus, participation in activities/athletics, participation in graduation/senior activities, and the receiving of a diploma may be withheld until all fees/fines are paid in full.

I.D. Cards

Students are required to carry school identification cards at all times. I.D. cards must be presented upon entering the school building and upon request by any school personnel. Failure to present an I.D. upon request may result in disciplinary measures. I.D. cards will be used to make purchases in the cafeteria, check materials out of the library, and for attendance at school functions. If students lose their I.D., they can pick up one free one in the Attendance Office. A $2 fee will be charged for any additional I.D.’s.
Students may not use I.D. cards from previous school years for any school-related purpose. Prohibited uses include, but are not limited to, purchasing school lunch, entering school functions, checking materials out of the library, and identifying a student to school personnel. If students attempt to use expired I.D. cards for school-related purposes, the cards will be confiscated and disciplinary action may result.


Students may obtain a pass from a classroom teacher to go to the library during their study hall period. Students must sign in to indicate that they are in attendance. Occasionally, it may be necessary to close the library for a special event or to accommodate classes that need to use the resources during the class period. While using the library, students are required to:

  • Respect library materials (books, newspapers, microfilm, etc.) and facilities (tables, chairs, computers, copiers, etc.).
  • Respect other students and the library staff.
  • Refrain from bringing any food or drink into the library.
  • Request permission before leaving the library.
  • Use the computers in an authorized manner.

Violations of library policy may result in loss of library privileges or other disciplinary consequences.


Lockers for coats, backpacks, and books shall be assigned to all students by the Main Office. Students are responsible and accountable for all contents in their lockers, including textbooks and any other school materials. Students must leave their hats, coats, and book bags in their lockers during the school day. All lockers are expected to be kept clean and orderly. For the protection of the student and the neatness of the building, all lockers must be kept closed and locked when not in use. The school is not liable for lost or stolen items.
Students should use only their own locker and not share with other students. Problems with lockers must be reported to the main office immediately. Damage to locks and catches is a destruction of school property, and defacing lockers is prohibited. Restitution and fines may be imposed for the expense of cleaning, repairing, or replacing damaged lockers. Both physical education and hall lockers are the possession of the school district and are SUBJECT TO SEARCH BY SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS OR DESIGNATED PERSONNEL (see Section I.A.13).

Lost and Found Articles

Found articles should be turned in to the Attendance Office. Students who have lost articles may check with the Attendance Office.

Search and Seizure

The Illinois General Assembly has found that students have no reasonable expectation of privacy in the school setting. To maintain order and security in the schools, school authorities may inspect and search individuals, places, and areas (such as lockers, desks, parking lots, and vehicles, etc.), other school property and equipment owned or controlled by the school, and personal effects left in those places and areas. These searches may be conducted without notice or consent of the student, and without a search warrant.
School authorities may request the assistance of law enforcement officials for the purpose of conducting these inspections and searches for illegal drugs, weapons, or other illegal or dangerous substances or materials. This includes searches conducted through the use of specially trained dogs. If a search conducted in accordance with the above provisions produces evidence that the student has violated or is violating the law, city ordinance, or the school’s policies or rules, such evidence may be seized by school authorities, and disciplinary actions may be taken. School authorities may also turn over such evidence to law enforcement authorities.

School Resource Officer

As part of our on-going partnership with the Sycamore Police Department, a School Resource Officer (SRO) will be made available for use by all schools in the Sycamore School District. The SRO is a sworn law enforcement officer who is assigned to a school on a long-term basis. The SRO is specifically trained in and performs three main functions: law enforcement officer, law-related counselor, and law-related educator. In addition, the SRO works in collaboration with the school and the community as a resource. School administration empowers the SRO, as a staff member, to enforce all district procedures and state/local laws.

Standard is Excellence

The Standard Is Excellence program is designed to recognize excellence in student achievement in the areas of Cooperation, Loyalty, Respect, and Responsibility.

Student Records

As specified in the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA), students and parents have a right to review, object to, or challenge certain material placed in a student’s records. Those rights are also set forth in the school board policy manual. Student records will be destroyed five years after graduation.


A telephone is located in the north foyer for student use. Students are permitted to make free local calls from this phone. Phone usage will not exceed two minutes per call.


Persons who do not attend or work at Sycamore High School may not be in the building or on school property without permission. Unauthorized persons may be ticketed for trespassing and may be given a no trespass order. A no trespass order may be verbal or in writing.


While every attempt is made to be cordial and helpful to those visitors who have business in the school, it is important that Sycamore High School maintains a safe environment for all members of the school community. In addition, it is a goal to minimize disruption to the educational process.

  • Adult Visitor Procedure – Adult visitors should enter through the main entrance (E2) and will be required to show Driver’s License or State ID to security personnel at the front desk in the main foyer. All visitors must secure and wear a visitor’s badge during their stay on campus. Visitors should check out with security personnel at the front desk before exiting through the main entrance (E2).
  • Student Visitor Procedure – Student visitors and/or student guests are discouraged from coming to Sycamore High School during the school day. Student visitors may be disruptive to the educational process. Exceptions to this policy might stem from curricular matters, such as pre-arranged student exchanges. Such exchanges must be conducted through school organizations and pre-approved by the administration.