Emergency Plan

Emergency Procedures

For the health and safety of students and staff, fire and disaster drills are conducted periodically.  Safety information and procedures are communicated to students via staff members.  Students and staff should proceed quickly and in an orderly manner to designated areas, where student attendance will be taken.

In the event that the building would need to be evacuated for other reasons, students and staff will receive instruction as to the specific procedures for such evacuation. Students should proceed directly to the specified areas without stopping at lockers.

It is a very serious offense to tamper with the fire alarm and fire equipment.  Tampering with fire alarms or fire equipment will result in a referral to the Sycamore Police Department.

Weather-Related Events

Threatening weather conditions are monitored and, when necessary, personnel are placed on alert.  During the school year, the school district website (www.syc427.org), radio stations WLBK-AM (1360), WSQR (1560), and WNIU-FM (89.5) are utilized to announce school closings and other pertinent information.  Every attempt to announce school closings by 6:30 a.m. will be made, but this is not guaranteed.