Educational Opportunities

Correspondence/Online Learning Credit

Sycamore High School cooperates with a variety of accredited organizations in offering correspondence courses. A student enrolled in a correspondence course may receive high school credit for work completed, provided:

  • The course is taken through an institution accredited by AdvancED accreditation agency.
  • The student assumes responsibility for all fees.
  • The building principal approves the course in advance.

Kishwaukee Education Consortium (KEC)

Sycamore High School is a member of the Kishwaukee Education Consortium and therefore has access to several specialized programs for students. Vocational classes and the manufacturing academy are available at various sites throughout the county for students who are interested in particular fields. They can receive the training necessary to prepare them for employment in these fields after graduation. ELL programs are also available through the Consortium.


This program is designed for at-risk students who need a more structured environment. Its intention is to assist students having difficulty in math, reading (English), and/or study skills and raising their level of competence in order to return to the regular program. Students must be recommended for this program and receive administrative approval to attend due to significant tuition costs.

Optional Education

Optional Education is designed for students who find it difficult to succeed during the regular school day due to extenuating circumstances such as pregnancy, parenthood, necessary job requirements, etc. Only juniors and seniors are eligible for this program, and this program is seen as a “last resort” for students in order to obtain needed credit for graduation. Due to significant tuition costs, students must be recommended for this program and must receive administrative approval to attend. Students must maintain employment as a part of the optional education program.

Transitional Education and Regional Safe Schools Program

This program is designed to serve students who are unable to be successful in the regular high school program and who are not eligible (or placement is not appropriate) for the Optional Education program. Students must be recommended for this program.