School Expectations and Guidelines

Students’ Rights & Responsibilities

Students have the right to an education, the right to due process, the right to express an opinion, the right to be free from discrimination, the right to be treated with dignity, and the right to contribute to the educational program.  Such rights, however, are not without their accompanying responsibilities.  Students have responsibilities not only to themselves, but to those around them.  Students have the responsibility of regular school attendance and the duty of making a conscientious effort in the classroom.  Students also have the responsibility to refrain from interfering with the education of their fellow students.

Student Attendance

  • Attendance Philosophy
  • Student Attendance Policy – Age 17 and Older
  • Student Attendance Policy – Under age 17
  • Tardy Policy
  • Excused Absence
  • Student-Athletes Absent from School
  • Attendance at School Activites
  • Planned Absences
  • Leaving the Building
  • Lunch Period
  • Unexcused Absence/Truancy
  • Truancy Support Services and Interventions
  • Additional Attendance Provisions
  • Study Hall Truancy Policy
  • Makeup Work and Assessments During Absences

Student Behavior

  • Discipline Philosophy
  • Student Privileges and Incentives
  • Discipline Infractions, Gross Disobedience, and Misconduct
  • After School Detention Program
  • Alternative Education Program (AEP)
  • Saturday Service
  • Suspension
  • Student Suspension Review Hearing
  • Expulsion Procedures