Clubs, Organization, and Publications

Extra-curricular activities add to the enjoyment of school life and provide the student with experiences which can develop his/her personality, loyalty, and qualities of leadership, cooperation, sportsmanship, and citizenship. Sycamore’s philosophy of education fosters a wide variety of organizations and activities to meet the needs and interests of every student.

List of Clubs and Activities

  • ABE project
  • Ambassadors Club
  • Art Club
  • Astronomy Club
  • Bass Fishing
  • Best Buddies
  • Big Sis/Little Sis
  • Color Guard
  • DCP Safe
  • Environmental Studies Club
  • Engineering Club
  • Fall Musical
  • FFA
  • Forensics (Speech Club)
  • French Club
  • Gay/Straight Alliance
  • History Club
  • Interact
  • Jazz Band
  • Jazz Choir
  • Key Club
  • Literary Festival
  • Madrigals
  • Math Team
  • National Honor Society
  • Newspaper
  • Orchesis
  • Pep Club
  • Photo Club
  • Rugby Club
  • Scholastic Bowl
  • Science Fiction Club
  • Ski & Snowboard Club
  • SPARK club
  • Spanish Club
  • Spring Play
  • Student Council
  • Technical Entertainment Crew
  • Thespians
  • World Youth Cultures
  • WYSE
  • Yearbook
  • Young Democrats
  • Young Republicans

School Dances

The school will hold six dances per year: 1) Back to school celebration, 2) Homecoming, 3) Turkey Toe, 4) Winter Formal, 5) Turnabout, and 6) Prom. The organizational sponsor for each dance will be determined at the annual Activities Calendar meeting held in April each year.

The sponsor has full responsibility for all dances. The sponsors must have a minimum of six chaperones (exclusive of administrators) assigned to each dance or the dance will not be held. The sponsor must also be present. The sponsor is also responsible for obtaining and paying for a police officer for each dance. A minimum of one administrator will be assigned to each dance.

Dances admit only Sycamore High School students, with the exception of Homecoming, Turnabout and Prom. If a student wishes to bring a guest to Homecoming, Winter Formal, Turnabout or Prom the student must register the guest a minimum of one day prior to the dance with a “Guest Pass” form available in the main office. This form must be on file in the main office. For all dances, the minimum grade level for a student or guest attending is freshman, with the exception of Prom, and the maximum age for a guest is 20 years of age. Prom is a privilege open only to 3rd and 4th year students that have junior or senior status; this also applies to guests. For Prom, students must sign up and attend as a couple.

Once a student leaves a dance, the student may not return. Every student must display a valid school I.D. in order to be admitted to a dance. Students must arrive before the designated time to gain admission to the dance, which is one half-hour after the scheduled start time.

Dance Conduct

These guidelines apply on and off the dance floor.

  • Sexually suggestive dancing may result in a student being removed from the event. Parents will be notified.
  • Sexually suggestive dancing may include, but is not limited to:
  • hands on breasts, butts, or directly on genitals
  • one or both legs wrapped around another person with the other person holding them up
  • sitting on the stage while another person is grinding into/on you
  • angles (bending) while dancing; no hands on knees or on the floor

Assemblies and other Programs

Assemblies and other programs are held at various times in the gymnasium or auditorium for pep sessions, awards, entertainment, and patriotic programs. General assembly programs are not optional. All students are expected to attend. Courteous attention is expected of all students at all times and appreciation of the program may be shown by enthusiastic applause. Students should listen attentively regardless of the speaker or presenter. Students removed from an assembly for disruptive behavior may face disciplinary consequences. Whistling, talking, or stamping of the feet is not courteous to those on the program. Students will remain seated until dismissed and then pass in an orderly manner from the gymnasium or auditorium.