Student Handbook

Sycamore High School Belief Statement

We believe:

  • Education is one of our democratic rights, and the role of the school is central to providing an educated citizenry in a democracy.
  • The school must provide curricula directed toward a basic education, with specific preparation for either post-secondary education or immediate entry into the world of work.
  • Furnishing a sound basis for the acquisition of skills and knowledge is essential in an ever-changing technological nation.
  • Providing quality facilities and curricula fosters learning and creates a desire for lifelong education and discovery.
  • Extra-curricular activities that promote leadership, enhance school spirit, and provide additional opportunities for student development are an important part of the high school experience.
  • Providing an atmosphere of communication and mutual cooperation with the home and community is essential for the complete education of the student.
  • Both parents and teachers must encourage students to develop all of their interests and abilities.
  • Students should
    • be aware that their primary purpose at school is to acquire the characteristics of an educated person, including the ability to read critically, write logically, employ technology, speak coherently, listen attentively, and think independently.
    • take advantage of the learning opportunities afforded them by this community.
    • be encouraged to make decisions.
    • take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.
    • honor the rights of others to learn, including a genuine respect for the uniqueness of each individual.
    • commit themselves to developing an understanding and appreciation of diversity.
  • The high school faculty members are dedicated to
    • developing and executing the learning program for the school with professionalism and excellence.
    • promoting the physical and mental health of their students.
    • supporting governmental and community efforts to prevent or redress the serious personal and social problems confronting today’s youth through education and the development of programs which reflect current needs.
  • The high school administration is dedicated to
    •  delivering curriculum approved by the Board of Education.
    • developing and implementing initiatives that support and improve student achievement.
    • encouraging each teacher to exercise academic freedom and personal enthusiasm to inspire student growth and development.
    • directing and emphasizing communication within the entire staff and with the Board of Education.
    • interpreting and implementing district policies established by the Board of Education.
  • Students, faculty, and administration can work together with positive attitudes, professional standards, and individual zeal to foster the maximum development of the Sycamore High School student.