Senior Information

Image of Caps Being Thrown

Senior year is packed with action, activities, and a lot of important information.  Make sure that you are “in the know!”

Questions about any of the end of the year activities for seniors should be directed to Mrs. Helton in the Sycamore High School Main Office at (815) 899-8143.

Outstanding Fees

In order for a Senior to participate in all end of the year activities (Senior Awards Night, Senior Dinner/Dance, and the Commencement Ceremony), all student fees and fines must be paid. If a senior has an unpaid student fee balance, it will need to be paid in full. Questions regarding student fees should be directed to Lacey Lantz at (815) 899-8100.

Respectable Manner

During this process, we will stress several aspects that will enable these important events to proceed in an organizes, safe, and professional manner. We will be emphasizing to graduating seniors that the Senior Class Awards night and the Commencement Ceremony are “ceremonies.” These are significant events in their lives, requiring a high level of responsibility and a substantial amount of respect directed toward themselves, their classmates, their families, and their community. We will be discussing our position concerning dress and behavior with all seniors. We hope you will reinforce our expectations allowing the 2019 events to proceed in a respectable manner.

Senior Skip Day

Any unauthorized absence from school, such as a “Senior Skip Day,” is unacceptable and ill-advised. Parents and students are reminded that such action would most certainly affect schoolwork in a detrimental manner.