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  • Social Studies

Level: 11, 12
Semesters: 1
Prerequisites: Seniors - None (required of all seniors); Juniors can register for government if they have at least a 3.00 cum GPA. Enrollment in the class will be based on GPA, credits, other data, and space availability.
Credit: 1/2

This course is required for all seniors.

This one semester class is designed to give the student a general overview of the American system of government. Topics within this overview include comparison of other major systems of government, great political thinkers and writers, the Constitution, political parties, our federal system of government, the court system, and state and county government. It is crucial that the student stay current on the events of the day in the areas of government and politics. These events, along with newspaper and magazine articles, in-class lectures, independent research, and guest speakers will be used to study the various topics.

  • Junior
  • Senior