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Consumer Economics

  • Social Studies

Level: 11, 12
Semesters: 1
Prerequisites: None
Credit: 1/2

This course is required for all seniors.

Consumer Economics is designed to help the student understand the economic system of our nation and how it compares to those of other nations. Students will develop an appreciation of the free enterprise system: wants and needs, opportunity costs, supply and demand concepts, scarcity, and productive resources in relation to the nation’s economy and in the world economy. Students will also develop skills and understanding of consumer rights and responsibilities including effective use of credit, budgeting and checking, and comparative shopping skills for food, clothing, transportation, housing, and insurance. Students will also learn how to prepare federal and state income taxes. This course can be taken as a junior if it is included in their course selection in the spring. Otherwise, spots in the class are reserved for seniors who need this course for graduation.  

  • Junior
  • Senior