Peer Educator Specialized Physical Education

  • Physical Education and Health

Level: 11,12
Semesters: 2
Prerequisites: Have passed two years of PE
Credit: 1

An application can be picked up from the counseling office.

If the “peer educator student” does not demonstrate success in this class, he/she may be removed from the Special Needs Peer Education program and transferred into a regular physical education class meeting that same period.

This class is an extension of the physical education curriculum. It involves junior and senior students teaching their peers in the special needs adapted physical education class. A “peer educator” will have opportunities to assist in demonstrations, lead group activities, participate with and teach one-on-one or in small groups with the adapted physical education students. Students interested in learning more about teaching and adapting physical education concepts or working with students with physical disabilities should apply. Students will be receiving credit for graduation the same as regular physical education class students. Dressing for class is required. Students must:

  • Have junior or senior status to apply
  • Be recommended by a Physical Education Instructor to be eligible for consideration
  • Complete “Peer Educator” Application
  • Junior
  • Senior