Junior Composition and Literature

  • English

Level: 11
Semesters: 2
Prerequisites: English I and English II with at least one semester grade of C or above
Credit: 1

This is a junior-level college preparatory course consisting of various approaches to composition and literature with additional attention to vocabulary development which is essential to both pursuits. The course will prepare students for the demands of mature academic writing which will be expected of them in their senior year and beyond. Students will solidify their understanding of grammar and usage especially as it relates to the clarity and precision of their writing. The course will focus on the nuances of writing a variety of essays, as well as stress the command of a variety of sentence structures and phrasing. Junior Composition and Literature is also designed to expose students to a wide variety of American Literature and to prepare them to analyze, discuss, and write about such literature effectively as well as to develop adequate and appropriate research skills.

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