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Honors English 9

  • English

Level: 9
Semesters: 2
Prerequisites: Teacher Recommendation
Credit: 1

This course is designed to engage students in careful reading and critical analysis of literary works written originally in English from a variety of cultures and eras. The primary focus at this level will be on the epic poem, the short story genre, the Shakespearean tragedy, and the American novel. The course will include intensive study of representative works from various time periods with attention to both the literary artistry and the social/ historical values reflected in each piece. Students will be encouraged to develop close reading skills paying careful attention to the following elements: the experience of literature, the interpretation of literature, and the evaluation of literature.

Writing will also be an essential component of the course with assignments focusing on the critical analysis of literature, while also touching on descriptive writing, the personal narrative, and an introduction to the Modern Language Association (MLA) format through the completion of a formal research paper. Vocabulary development will also be stressed as a means of improving both written and spoken communication. Students entering this course are expected to possess a firm grasp of English grammar, as the concentration on language use will be designed to enhance student ability to utilize grammatical conventions appropriately. This course fulfills one credit of the state graduation requirement for writing.

  • Freshman