Honors English 10

  • English

Level: 10
Semesters: 2
Prerequisites: Honors English 9
Credit: 1

As a logical and sequential progression from Honors English 9, Honors English 10 is designed to build on the previous year’s English experience. This course will engage students in critical reading and both rhetorical and literary analysis of fiction, nonfiction, poetry and drama. In our units, students will be encouraged to develop their analytical abilities and close reading skills. Writing will also be an essential component of this course with assignments focusing on the critical analysis of literature, while also continuing to develop creative writing (through a narrative essay) and persuasive writing with attention to MLA format for citation concerns. Vocabulary and grammar will continue to be developed through both reading and writing units. Speaking and listening skills will also be developed via small group discussions and formal presentations.. Students entering this course are expected to possess a firm grasp of standard English grammar, as the concentration on the ability to use language will be designed to enhance student writing style. The course is designed to provide an appropriate bridge to both the junior and senior level Advanced Placement courses. As such, timed writing assessments will be introduced to develop both competence and confidence in efficient writing and critical thinking skills.

  • Sophomore