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Film as Literature

  • English

Level: 11, 12
Semesters: 1
Prerequisites: English II or English III
Credit: 1/2 per Semester

Classic Movies… They give voice to our genius, our heroes, and our history. They lift our spirits, terrify us, mesmerize us, ignite us, and delight us. No other medium has spoken to us or about us more proudly or profoundly. Film As Literature is the study and comparative analysis of short and long films, including some based on both classic and modern literature. Attention is given to the historic, artistic influences of film; the strategies necessary to “read” film as a type of literature; and the public and personal responses elicited by this powerful, modern medium. Units include film history, film genres, film viewing/reading, film as an art form and the language of film.

  • Junior
  • Senior