English III

  • English

Level: 11
Semesters: 2
Prerequisites: English I and English II. Instructor recommendation.
Credit: 1

English III is a junior-level, full-year course designed to prepare students in the areas of composition, research, interviewing, and business writing skills. Required writing includes, but is not limited to, analysis paragraphs, non-fiction articles, and various types of letters. Writing will include MLA and AP style citations. Students will find these skills useful in their lives after high school, and students will work on being published. Students will also develop and demonstrate an understanding and appreciation of contemporary American literature and classic American literature by reading and analyzing various novels. Students will become informed consumers of various types of media such as non-fiction articles, podcasts, and educational online seminars which they will encounter in their lives after high school. This course fulfills one credit of the state graduation requirement for writing.

  • Junior