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Driver Education

Level: 10, 11, 12
Semesters: 1/2
Prerequisites: Freshman, sophomore, junior, or senior at least 15 years of age. All students taking the sophomore driver education class must have passed 8 courses in the previous two semesters.
Credit: 1/4

Driver Education is taken during a student’s sophomore year. It is offered each quarter with enrollment depending on the student’s date of birth. The nine week course is taught concurrently so the student has classroom and behind the wheel in the same quarter. The student will need a study hall in which to drive. A lab fee by the Board of Education is charged. A summer course is also available to students after their freshman year.

2022-2023 Syllabus — Goff

2022-2023 Syllabus — Stacy

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  • Driver's Education
Freshman Rules of the Road (Permit)

Level: 9
Semesters: 1/2
Prerequisites: None
Credit: 0

There will be a $20 fee for the state permit.

This class is only offered Zero Hour. Transportation will not be provided.

This optional four-session course is designed to give students extra behind-the-wheel time in preparation for the regular Driver Education course taken during a student's sophomore year. The course is offered each quarter according to the student’s birthday.

In order to register your child for zero hour permit class, please follow steps 1 and 2 below:

1. Watch this Google Slides Presentation (and mark your calendar with important dates).

2. Complete the Driver's Ed Early Enrollment Form.

This course will not appear in a student's schedule. 

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