Social Media Marketing

  • Business and Technology

Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Semesters: 1 (Spring Semester)
Prerequisites: Introduction to Business
Students enrolled in Coding IV: Mobile App Development are also eligible to take this course. 
Credit: 1/2 per Semester

This class may be offered in a blended format for junior and senior students.

This course provides an introduction to social media marketing. It is built around a proven social media planning model that will provide students with an immersive learning experience. At the start of the course, students will learn how to construct social media strategies that achieve desired marketing goals. You’ll learn how to select a social media channel that fits your needs, set goals and success metrics, and determine who your target audience is.

Additional emphasis will be placed on the creation of personas (internet personalities/influencers) that represent various online market segments. Topics will be tied together to show the relationship between social media and the online global marketplace -- including the history of various social media websites. Students will also be taught the rules of engagement and social media ethics for behaving properly as marketers and influencers on social media sites.

The final unit in this course is designed to help students create a comprehensive social media marketing plan with detailed explanations and illustrations. Students will have the opportunity to partner with local businesses within the community to implement what is created. 
Extensive consideration is given to monitoring, evaluating, and refining the implementation of social media marketing initiatives. This course will help students build a solid foundation for social media marketing and gain applicable skills that will allow you to make your social media marketing efforts more successful and noticeable.

  • Freshman
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Sophomore