Introduction to Business

  • Business and Technology

Level: 9, 10, 11, 12
Semesters: 1 (Fall Semester) 
Prerequisites: None
Credit: 1/2 per Semester

This class may be offered in a blended format for juniors and seniors.

This course is designed to expose students to the dynamic functions of the modern business world. From brick and mortar stores to online store fronts, students will study how businesses exist as society grows and changes.

After learning basic business and economic concepts, students will apply their knowledge to real-world problem solving situations within our community as well as in the global marketplace.

Topics such as business environment, management, organization, marketing, finance, accounting, and data processing are discussed in an introductory manner.

Students will explore the possibility of a career in business as they study the free enterprise system as it relates to the consumer and the entrepreneur. The Internet and other computer applications software are used to simulate business situations as they may occur in the modern business environment.

This course focuses on Project Based Learning (PBL); students will create a presentation that encapsulates what was learned throughout the semester for their final project.

Upon completion of this course, it is encouraged that students take Social Media Marketing (offered in the Spring Semester). 

  • Freshman
  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Sophomore