AP Studio Art

  • Art

Level: 12
Semesters: 2
Prerequisites: Studio Art I and II, One year of the following: Ceramics Studio I and II, Drawing Studio I and II or Painting Studio I and II and one year of 2D Studio (or Pre-AP 2D Studio) or 3D Studio
Credit: 1

This course is designed to prepare students for the AP Portfolio process. An emphasis will be placed on making art as an ongoing process that engages students in informed and critical decision-making. Students will be asked to investigate both formal and conceptual ideas. Students in this course will learn how to approach and dissect a work of art, explore the creative process, and will be introduced to new techniques and processes. Work will be critiqued in a variety of ways, both individually and as a group.

AP Studio at SHS offers two options: Drawing Portfolio or Design Portfolio. Students will be asked to choose an appropriate portfolio and understand the Portfolio’s focus. The portfolios are broken into three equally weighted components: Qualities, Concentrations, and Breadths. All students will receive a booklet and syllabus that contains details of each portfolio.

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