Welding/Metal Fabrication

  • Agriculture

Level: Preferred 11, 12; (10 with teacher approval)
Semesters: 2 (this course has a blended option)
Prerequisites: Hands-on Skills, Ag Mechanics, or recommendation from Instructor or Counselor
Credit: 1

This class may be offered in a blended format.

Students will be learning the basics of welding techniques and metal fabrication such as MIG, TIG, and STICK welding and Plasma cutting,  Oxy-Fuel, and CNC cutting techniques. The students in the class will get the basics of welding during the first nine weeks, and then the students will have a chance to create projects based on their design and fabrication plans. The goal of the class is for students to understand the basic concepts of welding that would make them marketable in a welding program at a technical school or in the work industry.

  • Junior
  • Senior
  • Sophomore