Agricultural Business

  • Agriculture

Level: 12
Semesters: 1
Prerequisites: Hands-on Skills, BSAA, Horticulture, Ag Mechanics, or Instructor recommendation
Credit: 1 (1/2 for related classwork and 1/2 for Supervised Ag Experience Program)

This course fulfills a student's Consumer Economics requirement for graduation.
This class may be offered in a blended format.

This course will develop students’ understanding of the agricultural industry relating to the United States and World marketplace. Instructional units include marketing and trading of agricultural products, international agriculture, imports and exports, agricultural law, taxes, governmental regulations and policies, and advanced computerized record keeping. Student skills will be enhanced in math, reading comprehension, and writing through agribusiness applications. Employability skills will be developed with resume writing and interview techniques to gain employment. Post-secondary education will be explored at agricultural colleges and universities. Improving computer and workplace skills will be a focus. Students who participate in FFA student organization activities and Supervised Agricultural Experience (SAE) projects can earn extra credit. This is an integral course component for leadership development, career exploration, and reinforcement of academic concepts.

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