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Mark Kessler

Picture of Mark Kessler

Mark Kessler, a 1972 graduate from Sycamore High School, is a retired fire chief from the City of Sycamore who worked 27 years for the fire department.  He served his community of Sycamore as a firefighter/EMT before being promoted first to Lieutenant, then to Assistant Fire Chief and ultimately Fire Chief during a time of great growth and expansion for both the community and the department.

As a firefighter, Kessler fought one of the largest fires in Sycamore history at St. John’s Lutheran Church in 2004. He helped the hurricane relief effort in New Orleans, and he offered support to police and firefighters in New York after Sept. 11.

On the administrative side, Kessler expanded management capabilities within the department, which required the creation of a second assistant chief position so a top officer was always available to respond to emergencies. He also oversaw the completion of Sycamore Fire Station No. 2. Also, along with staff, he revamped the paid-on-call firefighter program and worked to redevelop the department’s internship program where he helped plant the seeds that would later yield the fire department future Sycamore High School graduates.


  • 2021

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