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Jeanne Murphy Malnati

Picture of Jeanne Murphy Malnati

Known as a culture transformation expert with a special emphasis on conflict intervention, Jeanne is the founder and CEO of The Culture Group where she helps businesses create and maintain thriving workplace environments. Based in Chicago and working with leaders, teams and organizations throughout the United States, Jeanne and her team guide those who are serious about developing leadership, communications and team building for true internal and external transformation. Jeanne understands what is required to shape leaders and to create a remarkable culture.

A licensed psychotherapist with a Master’s Degree in Social Work from Loyola University, Chicago, Jeanne has 20 years of experience in private counseling practice working with teenagers, families, women in transition and couples doing therapy and therapy retreat weekends. Jeanne possesses a rich expertise in facilitating group dynamics, also working with corporate teams and non-profits assisting them to focus on the health of their relationships by having honest, face-to-face conversations. Possessing the skill set required to lead a team through vital transformations, Jeanne has also earned certification in Change Intelligence as well as her Life Coaching Certificate from the California’s Hendrick’s Institute.

Jeanne’s education and experience are vast. Over the last 25+ years, Ms. Malnati has:

  • Created The Clean & Clear Communication System TM where truth is spoken, fun returns, healing takes place, unique strengths are identified and celebrated and good will permeates.
  • Spoken to thousands of individuals, touching hearts and challenging minds in profound ways, causing great ripple effects in business—including the areas of retail, restaurant, Lean Six Sigma, law, construction, municipal/government, public relations and family wealth—as well as in higher education, non-profit, religious institutions and personal relationships.
  • Performed groundbreaking work in 20 years of private counseling practice with adolescent girls and their moms, resulting in life-changing family dynamics.
  • Facilitated team and group dynamics by effectively and compassionately coaching corporate groups and non-profit organizations needing assistance to break through relationship and communication barriers.
  • Developed strong teams and reunited partnerships where suppressed emotions, corporate meltdowns, unfinished business, and unhealthy competition are addressed head-on.

Jeanne and her husband of 40 years, Marc, are owners of the oldest family name in Chicago pizza, Lou Malnati’s Pizzeria. During this time, Malnati’s has grown from three locations to 56 locations in Illinois, three in Arizona and one in Wisconsin. She has helped earn the company the Top Workplace Award from the Chicago Tribune for the past 10 consecutive years, as well as the Top 150 National Workplace Award. For 10 years, Jeanne facilitated a monthly communication group with top leadership and directors at Malnati’s, teaching conscious leadership principles and experientially engaging in face-to-face tough conversations.

While in South Africa, with her two adult daughters, Jeanne’s life mission was born: seeing and loving unsuspecting individuals via little pewter hearts. It was then that Spreading Hearts was created, and is now an international movement where over 35 thousand small pewter hearts have been spread to individuals around the world letting them know they are valued, seen, and loved. 

  • 2020

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