Policies and Grading

These policies are reviewed at the beginning of the school year and at the beginning of the second semester. They will be reviewed at the beginning of each quarter for sophomore classes.

Locks, Locker Usage, and Locker Room

Students will be able to bring/buy a lock of their own for class. The lock has to be a combination lock which will be registered by their instructor. Students will be responsible for knowing their combination of the lock. If a student would like to purchase a lock from the school, they can purchase one through the school store at a cost of $5.00 for a new lock.

  1. Each student will have a locker assigned to him/her each school year. Locks will be registered and kept on file, by name, serial number, and combination, each school year.
  2. Each student will use this locker to store their equipment when not in class. Students are not allowed to share lockers. If there is a problem with the assigned locker, let the locker room supervisor know as soon as possible so a replacement locker can be issued. Do not attempt to fix a locker yourself.
  3. During class time students may use the long lockers for storage of their belongings. After class all items should be moved back to the small lockers.
  4. Any locks found that are not registered, that are unlocked, and are on the wrong number locker will be removed and placed in the Lost and Found along with any items found in the locker.

**Make sure to keep your lockers locked at all times. Combinations will not be given out to anyone, but the owner of the lock.

A staff member(s) will be actively supervising the boys and girls locker room each class period. All students must stay inside the locker room for the 3 minute dress time. The exception to this is those in weight training as they may leave as soon as they are dressed for class. Students will have 5minutes at the end of the class to change.

Cell Phones

Cell phones are not allowed in class, unless the teacher approves for an appropriate activity.

Uniform Requirements

The appropriate uniform is to be worn each day unless the instructor informs the class of a special circumstance where the uniform is not required. If a particular unit does not require a uniform to be worn, the student will still change into the appropriate shoes for activity.

A proper uniform consists of:

  1. A gold, yellow, or black t-shirt in good condition (no rips, tears, or sleeves missing)
  2. Black/navy blue shorts or sweat pants. No jeggings, leggings, or tights.
  3. Snug fitting athletic shoes. Improper or unsafe shoes (sandals, flip-flops, boots, dress shoes, unlaced shoes, shoes without backs, etc…) will not be permitted in class.
  4. A black, gold, grey, or blue hooded/crew neck sweatshirt may be worn over the PE uniform, but not in place of the PE uniform.
  5. The student’s last name is to be printed in a non-washable ink on the student’s shirt and shorts/pants. This should be done on the back of the shirt and on the left leg of the shorts/pants.

Items that should not be worn in PE class:

  1. Jewelry
  2. Items issued to the student by athletics (ex: soccer uniforms or track sweats).

Students are encouraged to practice good hygiene. A student may bring a towel or washcloth to aid in washing up after class. Showers are also available.

Procedure for a No Dress

A student will receive the following for failure to wear the proper uniform:

  • Each no dress is a six point deduction. A parent contact will be made with each no dress.
  • No dress would consist of not dressing, improper shoes, and improper clothes such as jeans, dresses/skirts, or dress shirts.
  • A point grade deduction may be given instead of the six point grade deduction if the student is partially in uniform. They must still be able to participate and the clothing worn must be athletic in nature (No jeans, dresses/skirts, dress shirts, etc…) One point deduction for incorrect T-shirt and one point deduction for the incorrect shorts/sweats.
  • Students who do not dress for PE will be escorted to AEP for the duration of the period.


Assessment in P.E. will be based on the student’s participation, skill and written work for a particular unit/class. Juniors and Seniors in regular P.E. will have three units each quarter. Freshman and Sophomores in regular P.E. will have two units. A student’s participation grade will be based on the number of days they are present in class and able to participate.

  1. The possible points each student may receive for participation/responsibility each day is SIX (6):
  2. 1 point- Correct shirt (Responsibility) (including no tears, rips, etc.) 1 point- Correct shorts (Responsibility) 1 point- Warm up done correctly 2 points- Activity participation 1 point- Cool down/closing (Possible participation point)
  3. Unexcused absences and ‘No Dresses’ are a six (6) point grade deduction and count as a day toward the student’s participation grade.
  4. The possible points each student may receive for written work is dependent upon the unit/class.

Spartan Stretch

A student will need to attend Spartan Stretch for the following reasons:

  1. All excused absences over four (4) during each quarter, including passes from previous teacher.
    • Extenuating circumstances will be resolved on a student by student basis.
  2. Test make ups, fitness make ups, skill testing Note: Students will need to come prepared to the meeting area in athletic attire if necessary.

Grade percentage breakdown

  • 98-100 A+
  • 93-97 A
  • 90-92 A-
  • 87-89 B+
  • 83-86 B
  • 80-82B-
  • 77-79 C+
  • 73-76 C
  • 70-72 C-
  • 67-69 D+
  • 63-66 D
  • 60-62 D-
  • 59 F


Medical notes removing the student from participating in class from a doctor, parent or guardian will be taken directly to the nurse’s office when the student arrives at school. Parent/guardian notes are limited to three days. A doctor’s note must be supplied if the medical extends beyond those days. The nurse’s office will then supply the student with a note indicating one of three levels:

  • Medical 1 (partial medical): The student is responsible for changing into the appropriate uniform and will participate to the best of their ability (alternative activity may be used in this instance).
  • Medical 2 (limited medical): The student is responsible for changing into the appropriate uniform and will be limited to walking during class. Medical 3 (full medical): Student will not dress for class and will not participate. The student may be given an assignment to make-up the work missed for the duration of the medical. *Any student who remains in the nurse’s office for the duration of the class will be considered on a
  • Medical 3.
  • Any student who may have a medical condition that would preclude them from participating periodically during the course of the year will be considered on a Medical 3**
  • Any student that is on an extended medical (2 weeks, until further notice, or extended time) will be placed in a study hall. Students may be given a pass from study hall to attend their PE class in order to receive needed information. It is the responsibility of the student to keep up with the information given in class.