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Picture of girl nailing two pieces of wood together.


The Agriculture Department at Sycamore High School allows students to gain hands-on experience while teaching them to apply their skills in the areas of science, mechanics, technology, and horticulture.

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Student At Pottery Wheel Sculpting a Vase With Gray Clay


The Art Department at SHS believes the arts relate to all aspects of life, from what we see to how we process information. Developing an ability to see, process, and record information is an integral part of a visual arts education.

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Line of High School Students Typing on Computers

Business and Technology

Sycamore High School's Business and Technology Department prepares students to successfully move toward their chosen path with relevant career and technical skills. By taking courses in this department, students will develop communication, leadership, problem-solving, and collaboration skills while building their background in business and technology. 

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Car Stopped at Red Light with Yellow Sign On Top That Says "Driver Education Student Driver" In Black Text

Drivers Education

The Drivers Education Department at SHS helps students take their first step toward responsible driving. By enrolling in Drivers Education, students build a firm foundation of knowledge, attitude, and skills for safe, energy-efficient driving.

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Five Students Sitting at Table with One Teacher Standing Behind Them, Looking at a Book


Sycamore High School's English Department develops students to become critical thinkers and life-long learners who are able to access, read, analyze, and communicate information effectively in their world.

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Teacher Standing in Front of White Board and Pointing to a Student with Their Hand Raised


The SHS Math Department provides an innovative learning environment that motivates students to develop their mathematical knowledge and problem solving skills. By the time they graduate, students will be independent thinkers who can persevere through solving problems in mathematics and beyond.

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Student Playing a Flute On Stage


The Music Department at SHS empowers students to become confident, collaborative, and innovative thinkers through teacher instruction and ensemble performances. Students do far more than learn about music — their creativity is fostered through challenging and engaging experiences, and their skills, confidence, appreciation, and ability to create and perform are refined.

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Three Students in Push Up Position on Black Yoga Mats in Fitness Studio

Physical and Health Education

The Physical and Health Education Department at SHS helps students develop health-related fitness, competence in movement activities, cognitive understanding, and positive attitudes toward physical activity. These lifelong skills ensure that students have the background knowledge to lead healthy and physically-active lifestyles well-beyond their time in high school.

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Overhead View of Four Students Sitting at Desk, Looking Into Microscope


The SHS Science Department believes that students should acquire scientific reasoning and thinking skills in order to understand the interconnections within the sciences and the interactions among science, technology, society, and the environment. This background empowers students to make informed, responsible decisions that affect their daily lives. 

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Three Students and an Adult Teacher Looking at Tablet

Special Education

Regardless of ability, the Special Education Department at SHS believes that all students can learn. The department supports our students with disabilities to ensure they are educated in an environment where understanding, tolerance, and acceptance of learning differences prevail.

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Rear View of Students Sitting at Desks and a Teacher Writing on a White Board

Social Studies

Our democracy is constantly evolving. That's why the SHS Social Studies department is dedicated to developing students who can adapt to the enduring traditions and values of democracy.

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Teacher Standing In Front of Students Sitting at Table

World Languages

The World Languages Department at SHS fosters students' understanding and appreciation of diverse cultures. When students study a foreign language as well as other cultures, they become contributing global citizens and responsible members of pluralistic American society.

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