Weekly Messenger: April 6, 2021


April 13

  • All Juniors take the SAT

April 13

  • Freshmen, Sophomores, Seniors - Asynchronous 

April 15

  • Augustana College visit inhouse

April 21

  • Sophomore Class fundraiser 

May 30

  • Graduation

June 4

  • Last day for student attendance


Spring Testing

April 13-Freshmen, Sophomores, and Seniors will be remote/asynchronous learning while juniors take the SAT at Sycamore High School.

SAT for Juniors

On April 13, ALL Juniors (whether in-person and remote learner) will take the SAT at Sycamore High School.  Illinois State Board of Education has eliminated the essay portion of the SAT.

Students will be getting an email on which room to report to. Students must be in the classroom by 7:45am. Transportation will still run their same morning routes. Safety procedures are in place. Classrooms will have no more than 10 students, desks will be set up for social distancing, and masks are required.

Juniors will need to be self certified entering the school,  and have their ID, pencil(s), and a calculator. All hybrid learners have already completed this form. Remote learners may still need to complete it if they haven’t attended an event at SHS.


PSAT9 and PSAT10

Illinois State Board of Education has eliminated the PSAT9 for 9th graders and PSAT10 for 10th graders for the spring of 2021.  These assessments will be given in the spring of 2022.

Illinois Science Assessment

In compliance with federal testing requirements, Illinois will administer a science assessment for grades 5, 8, 11. The assessment will be administered in-person on the student's Chromebook.  It is aligned with the standards for Science as well as the Next Generation Science Standards.  

  • Juniors with the last names A-L for in-person learners Wednesday, May 5 periods 1st-3rd
  • Juniors with the last names M-Z for in-person learners Thursday, May 6, periods 1st-3rd
  • Juniors with the last names A-Z that are remote learners, Friday, May 7, periods 1st-3rd

Students will be testing in the auditorium.  Please make sure they bring their Chromebook charged.

Dual Credit Testing

Students who have signed up for a dual credit class during 2021-2022 have begun the process of completing any required placement testing.  Students have been notified of their date for testing based on their request. Our final scheduled testing date is on Friday 4/9.  Students testing on 4/9 must provide their own transportation to and from testing at Sycamore HS.

Grade Check

Today marks the beginning of 4th quarter.  Please check the Infinite Campus portal to be sure that your student is on track in their classes.

College Visit

Augustana College will be here on campus on April 15. They will be set up to talk with you in the upper parking lot after school at 2:45p. Please register in Naviance.

Senior Scholarships

Many scholarships were due April 1st - but others are still available and being posted. Be sure to check Naviance! You must apply for scholarships to have a chance to be recognized at Senior Award Night. 

Summer School Registration

Summer school registration is now open. You can register online, or submit your downloaded application and payment to Mr Balster. Applications are also available in the guidance office. Courses fill up. Payment is due at the time of application to get on a class roster. Courses available are: Drivers Education, Speech, Government, Consumer Economics, PE, Dual credit college Speech, Credit recovery. Please be sure to download the correct application. 

In-person students must maintain 3 ft social distancing, and wear a mask at all times.

Driver Education

Com100 (College Speech) SHS Summer School 2021

Government, Consumer, Public Speaking - SHS Summer School 2021

Credit Recovery - SHS Summer School 2021

Other Summer Opportunities

Culinary Class: Check out this free opportunity through KEC.  It is a 3-week, non-credit evening experience to learn more about culinary. 

KEC Summer Culinary

Seniors: Have you done your FAFSA?

All SHS seniors must meet the graduation requirement regarding completing the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). Be sure to fill out the FAFSA for 2021-2022. Students should talk to their counselor if they need help completing their FAFSA or about alternative ways to complete this requirement if there are any concerns. The FAFSA can be completed at FAFSA.govIf you would like individual help, please reach out to our ISAC (IL Student Assistance Commision) representative. She can do virtual help sessions to walk you through the entire process. Jenna Roecker, Illinois Student Assistance Commission Book an appointment:

The Sophomore Class 

Sophomore Class is holding a take-out-only fundraiser through Raising Canes on Wednesday, April 21 from 4-9pm.  

To help support the class of 2023 mention the fundraiser at checkout with your takeout order. 15% of all proceeds go to the Sophomore Class. We appreciate your support.

Sophomore Class Fundraiser

Senior Class Banner Design Contest

Are you a student who is interested in submitting a design for a Senior Class banner?  The banner will be displayed downtown Sycamore for the Class of 2021 and all future SHS graduating classes.  If you are interested please see the link below for more information.  

Senior Class Banner Design Contest Information Sheet


Benefits of Doing a Proper Shutdown

Did you know that just closing the lid on your Chromebook is not a shutdown.  Chromebook's have what is called an Embedded Controller (EC). An embedded controller has some of the following tasks:

  • Receiving and processing signals from the keyboard
  • Receiving and processing signals from the touchpad
  • other buttons and switches (e.g. power button, Chromebook lid switch)
  • Turning the Chromebook on and off

When you do a proper shutdown, it reinitializes the EC. Since the EC controls the keyboard, touchpad, battery and all other on-board peripherals, performing a proper shutdown will potentially fix a wide range of problems. One of the common problems we find students are having is a no charge, no power issue. If you do a proper shutdown of your Chromebook before you plug it in to charge for a while it resets the EC and proper charging can take place. More times than not, when you are having problems with Technology a proper shutdown will usually fix the issue.