New Procedure for Student Attendance

Picture of a Computer

Beginning Monday, September 28, 2020, SHS will begin using a new procedure for student attendance. The procedure is outlined below as well as in greater detail in the included video.

Each day, students will self-report their attendance by checking in via Infinite Campus for each period. This must be done each period within the first 5 minutes. In order to check in, students must:

  1. Log into your Infinite Campus Student Portal account (can be accessed from the link on each Canvas Course Page)
  2. Click on the tile that shows the name of the course currently meeting (only the course currently meeting will be shown)
  3. Select “I am participating”

Teachers will still verify students’ attendance, so it is important that after checking in students still participate in their class by completing the activities their teacher has planned.

  • To help clarify the expectations around synchronous attendance, staff have been directed to mark any student not present for a synchronous session (Google Meet) absent.
  • Students that check in but fail to attend a Google Meet will be marked absent.
  • As we refine this policy, we will also mark absent students that begin a Google Meet but fail to complete it or students who begin a Google Meet but turn off their camera and no longer participate.

In all of these scenarios we cannot ensure students are in attendance and therefore must mark them absent. As always, absences can be excused by parents calling the attendance office.

If you need assistance with your Infinite Campus Student Portal username and password, please email

Please keep in mind that you are a student first. While we are all helping support our families and community right now, if you are unable to make a live session or fail to check in on an asynchronous day you will be marked absent.

We hope this new procedure and these revised expectations will make the attendance process easier for everyone.