Information Regarding 2020-2021 Course Selection

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We want to share some information about the upcoming process of helping students select and register for classes for the 2020-2021 school year. Please read through this entire email so that you are aware of important dates and each part of the process.  

Course Selection Information Sessions During Spartan Stretch

Starting January 7, 2020, counselors will begin meeting with students during Spartan Stretch to walk through the process of choosing classes for the 2020-2021 school year. The schedule will be as follows:

  • Juniors A-G during stretch with Mrs. Templin Tuesday, January 7
  • Juniors H-N during stretch with Mrs. Kirchmann Wednesday, January 8
  • Juniors O-Z during stretch with Ms. Grimes Friday, January 10

  • Sophomores A-G during stretch with Mrs. Templin on Monday, January 13
  • Sophomores  H-N during stretch with Mrs. Kirchmann on Tuesday, January 14
  • Sophomores O-Z during stretch with Ms. Grimes on Wednesday, January 15

  • Freshmen A-G during stretch with Mrs. Templin on Friday, January 17
  • Freshmen H-N during stretch with Mrs. Kirchmann on Tuesday, January 21
  • Freshmen O-Z during stretch with Ms. Grimes on Wednesday January, 22

Teachers have a copy of this stretch calendar in case students forget. Students should bring their ID to their designated registration session so that attendance can be taken quickly and the session can begin immediately. Students should also bring a pencil so that they can make notes about the presentation – there will be a lot of information presented in a short amount of time.

The Registration Process – Course Selection Planning Sheets and Online Registration

Like last year, students will be given “planning sheets” that will list available classes to choose from for the following year. These sheets will help them plan out their schedule and will be a reference of class options. During our information session with students, we will highlight new class options and review available courses. We hope that students have conversations with teachers about what classes are good options for next year – this planning sheet can be a reference to make notes.  

On or before Thursday, January 30, 2020, these planning sheets must be returned to the counseling office along with any other relevant forms (zero hour contract, KEC forms, etc.). This will allow our office to refer back to the classes that students have chosen (including backup class choices in case of class conflicts).  Please be sure that you as a parent have signed the back of this sheet. Once students plan out their schedule, they will log into their Campus Portal and enter their course requests. Students will receive information once the online registration opens that walks them through this process.

Infinite Campus Portal Access

The most important thing for all students to do right now is to make sure that they can access their Campus Portal. This must be their STUDENT Campus portal (not their Parent’s Campus Portal) because this is the only way that they will be able to register for classes.

What If you forgot your  login to Infinite Campus Student Portal or have never logged in?

If students forget how to login – they should go to If they forgot their username, password, or both – click on the “I forgot….” link.  This will send a recovery email to their school email unless they have already added a personal email to their  account. They should check their email and follow the instructions from there. Please make sure that they are able to access their Campus Portal as soon as possible. If you are having trouble accessing your account, you can send an email to

When do students go online and select classes?  What if they need help?

Access for students to begin selecting classes in Campus Portal will open after teachers have been able to submit recommendations (after the 2nd week in January). Students will receive an email notice when the portal opens along with instructions. However, students should not begin choosing classes online until they have had their registration session with their counselor and talked with teachers… this will help clarify the process and reduce errors.  

Counselors will be available to help students during Spartan Stretch throughout January.  They need to sign up in advance in the counseling office if they would like to attend a help session- that way we can assign students for Spartan Stretch and take attendance. They must not be signed up for any other interventions and must have completed the registration session with their counselor in order to attend.

Course Catalog

Check out our SHS interactive course catalog that is available online on the high school website. The catalog can be viewed on the school counseling portion of the SHS website or by visiting This catalog is a great tool for researching all classes that are offered at the high school and its new format makes it easier to use than ever.  It includes course descriptions, prerequisites, credits, and grade level requirements. This resource will help students choose classes that are a good fit for them.  

Dual Credit Information Meeting

Please mark your calendars for a Dual Credit Information Night on Wednesday, January 15 at 6:00 PM if you have a student who is being recommended to take a dual credit class next year.  These are generally students in Junior Comp & Literature who would take Dual Credit English as a senior and students in Algebra 2 who would take Dual Credit Algebra/Trig as a senior. Current juniors can also consider taking the one semester Dual Credit US History course (seniors class only).  Current sophomores and juniors are able to consider taking Dual Credit Psychology and Biology. Dual credit options English and math are only open to seniors who are not currently in AP classes for math or English. Students should speak with their teachers if they think that dual credit could be an option for them.  At the dual credit meeting, we will discuss the benefits of taking a dual credit class, college credits from Kishwaukee College, pitfalls, costs, etc. We will be meeting in the SHS cafeteria.

We look forward to working with you and your student through this course selection process! 

The SHS School Counseling Staff