Drivers Education

Driver’s Education is the first step towards responsible driving. Driver’s Education can help build a firm foundation of knowledge, attitude and skills for safe, energy-efficient driving. Completing Driver’s Education does not guarantee you will become a safe driver. This is a decision you must make each time you drive. Driver’s Education is an ongoing process.


Brett Goff
Department Chair

Andrew Stacy

Driver Education Early Enrollment Option
In order to be compliant with the new law changes, Sycamore High School Driver Education will be offering a Zero Hour Option to parents of freshman who would like their son or daughter to obtain a learner’s permit for driving.

The reasons for this are:

  • Parents can get their son or daughter a driving permit
  • Parents can legally practice with their son or daughter
  • Parents can have more time to practice with their son or daughter to acquire driving experience in a variety of weather conditions.
  • They will not have to wait several months to get their driver’s license after turning sixteen. A student must hold their permit for nine months in the state of Illinois.

Students would then complete the remainder of the course during their sophomore year.

For information on how to register your child for the 2020-2021 school year zero hour driver education class, please see the presentation below:

Google Slides Presentation

Once you have reviewed the above presentation, please complete the online early enrollment form.

We will meet on Monday mornings at 6:45am-7:30am for two weeks. This will be offered four times throughout the school year.  Upon completion of the mini-class the student would obtain their driver’s permit.

Cost is $20 (due the 3rd week of class) for the vision test, permit and first driver’s license.

This mini-class is optional as a parent may wish to wait until their son/daughter is a sophomore.

If a student is currently enrolled in regular zero hour physical education class they are excused to attend the driver education zero hour class.

Driver Education DMV Visit Dates

Due to the long lines at the DMV the driver education department will only be going to drop off permit applications twice a month.  The dates are listed below.  A student has to have a permit for nine months and one day in Illinois before becoming a licensed driver.  Even if a student has to wait two weeks they will still hold the permit eleven months and two weeks.  

 DMV visit dates: 

  • October
    • 13, 27   
  • November
    • 10, 24  
  • December
    • 8, 22   
  • January (2021)
    • 5, 19
  • February
    • 2, 16  
  • March
    • 2, 16, 30  
  • April
    • 13, 27  
  • May
    • 11, 25 
  • June
    • 8, 22 
  • July
    • 6, 20  
  • August 
    • 3, 17, 31

If you have any questions you may contact – Brett Goff  or Andrew Stacy.