Distinguished Alumni Hall of Fame

The purpose of the Sycamore High School Distinguished Alumni award is to recognize outstanding alumni of Sycamore High School who have maintained a high standard of excellence and made a significant contribution in their fields of endeavor. This award is a tribute to our graduates who have shown exceptional personal, community, and/or professional achievements. We want to honor our outstanding alumni and believe the success of these graduates will serve as an inspiration to our current and future Sycamore High School students.

Selection Criteria

  • The nominee must have graduated ten (10) years prior to becoming eligible for induction.
  • The nominee must have achieved excellence in his or her chosen field of endeavor.
  • The nominee must have made significant contributions to his or her community.
  • The nominee must be viewed as a role model for current students.
  • Please attach a type written narrative describing why this person should be considered for this award. This information should include but not be limited to professional accomplishments and service to his or her community.

Distinguished Alumni Committee

The Distinguished Alumni Committee shall organize, implement and select the yearly award winners. This committee will be selected by the Sycamore High School Alumni Association President. The award will be presented annually at the Sycamore Education Foundation fundraiser.


Please return all nominations by July 1 of each year.
Please mail all nominations to:
Tim Carlson, Principal
427 Spartan Trail
Sycamore, IL 60178

2013 Inductees

2014 Inductees

2015 Inductees

2016 Inductees

2017 Inductees

2018 Inductees