Online Course Registration FAQ’s

I'm not sure how to register online, where can I learn more?

Carefully watch the two-minute video that walks you through the steps of registering online.

Do I have to register online, or can I just turn in my planning sheet?

Students must complete the online registration for their registration to be complete. The planning sheet and any other required documents should be returned to the Counseling Office to keep on file. The planning sheet and the student’s online course registration should match exactly.

When I go to register online, I receive the message "registration is closed," now what?

Registration has remained open. If you receive a message this message and it is before the due date, you are clicking on the wrong link. Please watch the tutorial video and make sure you are clicking on "Course Registration" right under your student name/picture (NOT on "online registration" at the bottom).

I can't get into my Infinite Campus Student Portal account (or never have), what do I do?

If you do not remember your password for your Infinite Campus Student Portal account or have never set this up, follow these instructions: Go to, Your username is typically your student ID# (not email) and if you click on "Forgot your password?" - it will send a link to reset your password to your student email account. Follow the link included in your email to reset your password. If this doesn't work, click "Forgot your username?" and enter your student email address. You will then receive an email with your username. When selecting a new password, you must choose one that reaches 100% strong. Once logged in, you will not be able to follow the directions in the video for Course Registration.

If you continue to have problems accessing your Infinite Campus Student Portal account, please email from your student email account for further assistance.

What is the difference between "required" and "requested" courses on my Course Registration? Why can't I remove certain classes?

When you log into your Infinite Campus Student Portal account, you will see the teacher recommendations locked in for math and English ("required"). Your current subject teachers are the ones to contact if you are considering a different recommendation - they should email the Counseling Office if they are making a change to their recommendation and then this will be changed online.

"Requested" courses are suggestions of "good fit" classes from your subject teachers. You can remove these from your schedule if you are not interested in these courses.

I'm having trouble finding a course in the portal under "course search" online - why?

Make sure that you are searching for classes based on name or exact course number. When searching by name, the words must exactly match what is listed in the system. For example, 'U.S. History' must have the periods for it to show up. Therefore, it may be more useful to search by a keyword and choose from the options that appear. For example, a course search for the name "history" will show all class options including that word. Another example is "driver" to find all driver education courses.

There is a place online for "Alternate Classes" - do I put them there?

No, students should include two alternate classes on their planning sheet, but please DO NOT enter these into the online course registration. The Counseling Office will refer to the planning sheet if they need to use an alternate class. This prevents the system from automatically choosing an alternate class for the student.

What if a student is planning to take Summer School?

A student who is planning to take a class this summer should still include this course in their online Course Registration. On your planning sheet, please indicate summer after the class name. When a student has completed a summer course, the first alternate class that is listed on the planning sheet will move up and take its place.

Current sophomores who are interested in taking government or consumer economics over the summer, should not list these courses in their schedule unless they are planning to take these courses their junior year if summer school does not happen.

Please note, indicating you plan to take a class over the summer does not register you for the course. Summer school forms will be available before Spring Break. A completed form and payment must be made to hold your spot in the class. Additional information will be shared through the Weekly Messenger.

Do I need to "save" my online registration?

No, once you add your courses, the system will automatically save these requests when you exit the program. There is no save or submit button.

Can I complete online registration in the Infinite Campus App?

No, the mobile app version of the Infinite Campus Student Portal does not support Course Registration. Please log into the desktop version of the website to complete the process.

I also have an 8th grader - do they need to register online too?

No, Eighth-grade students only need to return their registration sheet into the middle school office by Friday, February 8, 2019. They will not be registering online this year. Bring questions for teachers to the rescheduled 8th Grade Registration Night on Monday, February 4, 2019, at 6:30 PM.

I have other questions, where should I look for answers?

Please be sure to look at the registration assembly presentations that were given to all grade levels during Spartan Stretch. There is a lot of information in these presentations that you should know and will help answer your questions.



What should I do if I still can't figure Course Registration out?

If you have referred to the above information and you cannot complete the registration process, you can email to sign up for a help session during Spartan Stretch on Monday. Include "Monday Help Session" in the subject line and include student name and ID# in the body of the email to sign up. This request must be received by Sunday night to assign you for Spartan Stretch on Monday. You should contact your individual counselor with other specific questions or concerns.