Kish-On-Campus Dual Credit Procedures

If you sign up for a dual credit class for next year (2020-2021), you must complete all of the following steps to be enrolled in your class. See your Counselor if you have questions.

1. Apply to Kishwaukee College

  • Visit (click the “apply” button at the top)
  • This must be completed before you can take the Accuplacer placement test or register.
  • Complete this form in the counseling office or online at home.

2. Determine Placement

Placement may be determined by ACT or SAT scores, cumulative high school G.P.A., and/or taking the ACCUPLACER placement test. Check with your high school counselor

Course NumberCourse NameACT Minimum ScoreSAT Minimum ScoreCumulative H.S. G.P.A. (after 5 semesters)ACCUPLACER Placement Score
BIO 103General Biology(ACT English 19 or ACT Composite 19) and ACT Math 22SAT Reading & Writing 480 and Math 5303.5 (waives out of ENG pre-req only)WritePlacer 5-8 and QAS 245-300
ENG 103Composition IACT English 19 or ACT Composite 19SAT Reading & Writing 4803.5WritePlacer 5-8
MAT 150College AlgebraACT Math 22SAT Math 530N/AQAS 270-300 or AAF 230-300
MAT 155TrigonometryN/AN/AN/AAAF 267-300
PSY102Into to Psych

Minimum competency in Math or English (as listed above).

PSY210Educational Psych

Need PSY 102 as pre-requisite

HIS 220US HistoryN/AN/AN/AN/A

* Minimum competency in Math or English (as listed above).
** Nees PSY 102 as pre-requisite

3. Complete placement test, if needed, by April 6, 2020.

  • Take the bus to Kishwaukee College on March. You must sign up for this in the School Counseling Department by March 9th to secure a spot OR
  • Schedule the Accuplacer test on your own: You can contact the Kishwaukee College Enrollment Services at (815) 825-9514 to schedule a placement test appointment on the Kishwaukee College campus. Appointments are available Mondays – Thursdays at 9:00 a.m., 12:00 p.m. & 4:00 p.m.
  • A photo ID is required for testing.
  • All testing must be completed by April 6, 2020, to qualify for a Dual Credit class at SHS.
  • You may bring a pencil and a calculator to the test. Most calculators are allowed. Here is a link to tips for preparing for the Accuplacer test and other testing information visit

4. Complete registration form and return by April 15, 2020.

Registration forms are available in the Counseling Office. Students will NOT be registered for the dual credit course(s) if placement requirements are not met. Schedules for the high school course will be changed to non-dual credit classes. Students may use one registration form for all dual credit classes.

5. Pay for your course(s).

You will attach a tuition check to your Registration/Permission – please make check payable to Kishwaukee College. Cost: $50/class each semester. Note that Biology is $100 as it is a class + lab).