Hosting a Foreign Exchange Student

Thank you for hosting a foreign exchange student and providing a safe place for them while they are away for their family. Listed below are the steps for hosting a foreign exchange student at Sycamore High School.

  1. Make contact with the Sycamore High School Counseling Office as early as possible, by calling (815) 899-8144 to let them know you will be hosting a foreign exchange student. Provide as much information as possible: name of the student (the last name will determine their counselor), approximate start date at Sycamore High School, classes that they would be interested in taking (some foreign exchange programs require that students take specific classes while attending high school in the US). You may not have all of this information available, but any details that you can gather as you communicate with them before arrival can be very helpful.
  2. Prove residency in Sycamore Community School District 427.  This is required of host families, even if they have a student who attends or has previously attended Sycamore High School. Please contact the District Registrar at (815) 899-8100 to schedule an appointment. During the meeting, you will complete the online registration application. Through this process, the student will officially be in the student information system, which allows a schedule to be built for them.
  3. Once the student arrives in Sycamore, a meeting should take place with the student, host parent(s), and school counselor to develop or finalize a schedule (this meeting can be scheduled ahead of time).  Often a class schedule will not be finalized until the following day, so the student may want to rest up from a long trip or they are welcome to shadow their host student for the day.
  4. Please clarify with the foreign exchange program about how school fees are handled for the student you are hosting – this varies with each program.
  5. If your foreign exchange student changes residences throughout the course of their stay in Sycamore, the new host family will need to prove residency with the District Registrar. At this time, parent contacts will be updated.