SciFi Club

Our Mission Statement

We, the Sci-Fi Fantasy Club, also known as the Lords and Ladies of the Ring, do declare ourselves a club dedicated to the notion of fellowship, good humor, and kindness to all that share our fellow interests. We declare that all are welcome and seen equal before the clubs populous, and we, the clubs members, will adhere to the constitution set before us, so that we may always come together in fellowship and love. So that we may pursue our fellow interests in peace and harmony.

About Us

We will be having a meeting of the Sycamore Sci-Fi Club on the listed date. Our meetings usually start at 4:00 PM and will consist of video games, Dungeons and Dragons, Warhammer, & trading card games until about 6:15 PM, when the pizza is served. After the consumption of pizza, a person may return to what they were doing before, or they may watch the night’s movie until about 9:00 PM No out of district guests are allowed at meetings.