Sycamore High School provides several different opportunities for high school seniors to explore career paths on a deeper level than the traditional classroom experience.

Agriculture Academy
Sycamore High School and Kishwaukee College have worked together to create the Agriculture Academy. Students who take Agriculture Academy, are eligible for AGT 100 credit at Kishwaukee College along with high school credit. The Agriculture Academy provides an opportunity for high school students who are interested in a career in Agriculture but not quite sure what exactly that career may look like. After taking Ag Academy, we hope that the seniors leaving will have a greater appreciation for the opportunities available to them in DeKalb County.

The Agriculture Academy has both in-class and out-of-class components. While in-class, students will work on everything from dining etiquette, to team building and communication to learning about digital citizenship. Students will research different sections of the Agriculture Industry in DeKalb County as well. Students will then gain authentic experiences as we visit local businesses and learn about their company, what they look for in their employees and what it will take to work for their company in the future. The Ag Academy students will also have two job shadow experiences, for a total of sixteen hours, where they can get up-close and personal with employees in the field of their choice.

During the semester, students will build their portfolio and their business network. Students will understand the expectations after college as they enter the working world. Students will use their soft skills and tools needed to gain employment for internships or even after college. This is an opportunity to leave high school with a knowledge of Agriculture Employment Opportunities. This class is designed to explore opportunities and help formulate the beginning of a student’s educational career goals and path. Includes an orientation to college, college expectations, and student success techniques.

Business Leadership Academy

The Business Leadership Academy exposed senior students to a broad range of businesses and organizations. Students are able to understand the functions, principles, problems, and career opportunities within the corporate structure. Emphasis is on developing networking skills through interaction with businesses in Sycamore and the surrounding communities.

Students interested in being a party of the Business Leadership Academy will be asked to complete an application and interview process.

Educator Academy
Sycamore High School and Northern Illinois University are proud to collaborate on the SHS Educator Academy.  The Educator Academy provides an opportunity for high school students who are interested in a career in an education field to gain experience and valuable skills necessary for today’s educators. Students who fulfill the requirements of the course will earn high school credit and valuable career experiences. When seniors graduate Sycamore High School, they are encouraged to have an appreciation not only for their education, but also an understanding of the opportunities available in their future careers.

The Educator Academy has both in-class and out-of-class components. While in-class, students spend 1-2 hours per day on-site in the elementary schools and middle school in the district. Students work with a classroom teacher to gain authentic experiences. While out-of-class, students work with NIU staff members to discuss education-related topics and complete assignments related to education careers.

During the Educator Academy, SHS students have the opportunity to review their resumes, gain an understanding of the expectations for careers in education, and become better acquainted with the soft skills and tools needed in the education fields. Students participate in panel discussions with educators, presentations from NIU professors, and hands on workshops to gain valuable experiences. In addition, students in the Educator Academy will have the opportunity to meet with program directors from the various education departments at NIU.

Health Careers Academy

Through the Health Careers Academy students receive an in-depth exploration of health care careers and employment expectations. The purpose of this academy is to assist students pursuing education in health professions the opportunity to make career development decision. Through the use of theory and clinical shadowing experiences within the community, students will receive an overview of the health care system and the multiple professional opportunities  available. Students will also learn the education required for various health care professions and employment projection and salaries. Anatomy and physiology as well as medical terminology will also be covered. Common health care safety practices are discussed and the student must meet the immunization and drug testing requirements to participate in the clinical observation experiences.

Survey of Manufacturing Academy

Students in the Survey of Manufacturing Academy will take a hands on approach to learn how to attain marketable skill for manufacturing careers. Students will also be exposed to current job opportunities with local manufacturers, and learn about lucrative career pathways available to them.